Apples on Apple – vintage style iPad cover

Zastrzegam sobie prawo do tłumaczenia niektórych wpisów, marzę przecież o światowej sławie ;]

Due to certain circumstances I came into possession of a certain gadget, produced by a certain company associated with a certain fruit. It came with a rather crude case. I couln’t make it worse, so I decided to beautify it with decupage. I won’t go into details of the process, because you can easily Google the instruction. So briefly:

1) Materials: usually I use napkins, but due to the dark case the pattern woud blend into the black background. That’s why I decided to use decupage paper. Every similarity to the actual logo is by no means accidental:


These are the materials as seen before the operation began:

2) Process – cut the paper so that it fits the case. It looks simple, but with my accuracy and concentration it was successful after second try… My utility knife works wonders: 

Now you need to glue the paper to the case. Glue the surface of the case first, then put the paper on the top and apply glue once again:

And so the glue dries:

After the glue dries, cover front of the case with two layers of glossy varnish and wait until it is dry again. This is the final result:

I don’t know how it looks to an objective observer, but I’m veeery proud and happy with my new case. I worked on iPad 2 Booklet case by PURO, but you can do it with other cases too.

By the way, I accidentally discovered today, how did the first Apple logo look like (Newton sitting under an apple tree):


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